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A year and a half at Speak4 in review

November 10, 20233 min read
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This week Speak4 received two more awards from CampaignTech: "Product of the Year" and "Best Advocacy Platform" (two years in a row!). This is big news for our small team! It's really exciting being a part of Speak4's journey as we've grown from a tiny team where I was the third full-time employee to a major competitor handling millions of advocates a day.


Here's a short list of some of the projects I've completed in the past year:

  • Zapier -- building out a custom integration between our platform and Zapier connecting our app to over 5000 different platforms.
  • Action Centers -- dynamic landingpages with a map of the U.S. directing users to relevant pages where they can take action.
  • Reporting Upgrades -- provide 10 new report types within our reporting dashboard along with a new streamlined interface and the ability to save/share reports.
  • Campaign Tagging -- the ability to add tags to political campaigns that help categorize client data in and outside of our app.
  • Campaign/LP Duplication -- quality of life improvements allowing users to duplicate their efforts easily.
  • Serverless Processing -- migrate the core functionality of our app to AWS Lambda increasing our server capacity by magnitudes.
  • Custom Domains -- give our users the ability to white label their pages by setting up their own custom domains on our app.
  • Petitions -- new functionality allowing clients to use Speak4 as the ideal place to store their advocate data.
  • Custom Fields -- unlock the potential of our landing pages by adding custom fields that link into our data reporting.
  • AI -- add an Artificial Intelligence helper that helps users set up their political campaigns.
  • Serverless Reports -- migrate our reporting service over to AWS Lambda removing our export limits and adding in scheduled reporting.
  • Documentation Site -- build and deploy an internal site with feature specs and FAQ.
  • Internal Reporting -- add graphs and visualizations analyzing our KPIs and bringing essential data to our admin site.
  • Standalone Advocate Recordings